A Guide For Home Maintenance

The Perfect Guide For Maintaining Your Arizona Home

Living in Arizona can be tough. Brutally hot temperatures, rain, humidity, even sometimes monsoons, Arizona has them all. On top of all of that you have see to your home being in tip top shape so that you can combat the weather as best as you can, which can be a difficult thing to do. Don’t worry there is good news…We are making it our top priority to make sure your’e aware of these things.


roofing Arizona does not get a lot of rainfall year round. The winter months bring forth more rainfall. After the winter months you should make sure to check your roof or have a professional do it. If you feel you can handle it yourself you will need the following: A secured ladder or a pair of binoculars. That’s it. If you have a flat roof use the security ladder to climb up on the roof, and if not just stand a few feet from the roof and use the binoculars. Next examine your roof to check for torn or missing shingles, rusted or lose flashing, and cracked caulk around any other roof attachments such as pipes collars or skylights. If you find any of these have them replaced to prevent your roof from caving in. Most minor repairs shouldn’t cost more than $200, just in case the your repairman tries to get one over on you.


Gutters play an essential part in keeping rain water and snow melt away from your foundation, so it is important that you make sure they function properly. You will want to first check your gutter bottoms for leaves,twigs, and other debris. Also check for granules from your shingles, this is a sign that your roof is decaying. Next grab your handy dandy secure ladder, please make sure it is secure, and use a water hose to rinse out any debris in the gooseneck(top) of your gutters. Ensure that your gutters channel water atleast 5 feet away from your house.

Air Conditioner

In Arizona it can literally get hot enough to fry an egg on the ground. Unless you enjoy making omeletes on the sidewalk you probably don’t like the heat too much. If you’re a new home owner in Arizona then you may not be aware of the importance of having your air conditioner inspected. Keeping your A/C performing well is simple. Check to see if your air conditioner is draining properly and change filters on a regular basis. This keeps your air clean and working efficiently. You should also have a professional HVAC specialist check it once a year pal.


Hey, is your refrigerator running? Well you should go catch it, and while you’re at it give it a good cleaning. All jokes aside, you really should give your fridge a good cleaning every few months. Once refridgerator coils get clogged they have to use more energy to keep your – food cold, which mean more money out of your pocket. To clean them, simply unplug your fridge and use a vaccuum hose to clean dirt and dust off of the coils. Sidenote: You may want to hire a professional. A fridge can be difficult to move.

Keeping Heat Out

Previously you figured out how to keep your A/C running smoothly, but none of that matters if you can’t keep the heat outside. Check all doors and windows for cracks and malfunctions with caulk. Use weather stripping to cover up any openings you find. Put drapes on all windows to keep sunlight from heating your home and damaging your furniture. Not only does this keep your home cool, but it also makes your home more decorative. Another smart move would be to replace your normal light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They may be a bit more expensive, but they use less energy which will keep your house cool and your bills low.

Decoration Tips

outdoor designSo long as the weather permits, barbeques are a big part of Arizona culture. This means its time to show off your home to your closest family and friends. If you have a patio, deck, or porch, here are a few things you can do to liven things up. Safety comes first so make sure to check for loose boards, railings, and steps. It might be a good idea to stain the floor boards on your deck or patio. If your patio is enclosed with glass, add sidelight shutter to give it a shiny look. You can also add a fire pit to make it feel more cozy. Landscape around your patio to lighten up the space. Also try putting flowers in pots that complement the furniture on your deck or patio to add the perfect finishing touches. Presto! Your’e done.