Many people buy a new home with the intention of doing a lot of home gardening in it. Gardening is a long term goal and enjoyable hobby for many people but also involves a significant amount of maintenance in your home do effectively manage a garden. This article will provide some tips when you are first starting to maintain a home garden. However, another area of the home to consider is roofing & gutter maintenance. It is not advisable for you to try to fix things on your home, however, check out the team at JBS Roofing for professional assistance.


Unlike most of your home’s yard maintenance, it is difficult to find contractors who are willing to do your garden work, unless they have some specialist in the area. Most people will do their own home garden work. One way to significantly save time with it is by having raised bed gardens installed which can not only create an attractive garden appearance but also limit weed growth and decrease the bending that you will need to do in your garden. Raised bed walls can be made from cedar planks or stone and can encompass a wide range of heights. Decide how much you want to spend on a raised garden bed and consider how much time you want to spend maintaining it.

Next, the amount of time you spend maintaining your home garden will depend on how organic you will want it to be. Organic gardens don’t use pesticides and weed killers, but will often require more significant work to manage it. Weeds will grow unfettered in an organic home Garden and using mulch and black canvas can help to limit the weeds spread and growth in your garden. Be sure to also have a garden that is situated so that it receives an adequate amount of sunlight as well.

starting a new garden

Garden maintenance takes more than simply managing your garden weeds and pests. It involves also managing your garden fruits and vegetables. It is here that great divergence is needed based on the individual needs of each plant. Be sure to harness an good understanding of the growing requirements of each garden plant you are growing and put them into position to succeed in your garden.

Trees and Bushes

Get your trimmers out, cuz your’e about to do some serious choppin’! Seriously get a move on before its too late. In the spring, before they grow too long, you should cut all tree limbs and shrubs atleast 7 feet away from your roof and foundation. This prevents moisture from getting near your roof and foundation. It also keeps those headache-causing squirrels and racoons out of the attic. Make sure you bleach those trimmers to keep from spreading plant diseases too!

Outside Projects

This one is pretty obvious. It gets very hot here in Arizona, and its not ideal to do hard labor in this extreme heat. Only do outside projects in the spring, before it gets too hot, or early in the morning before the sun comes all the way out.

You may not think of your home garden as a major part of your home that you will need to maintain but once you decide to build a home garden in your new home, there will be significant amounts of time that you will need to invest in maintaining it. Consider the aforementioned tips for greatly simplifying and easing the process of maintaining your home garden.